49 Martin 000-28.jpg
JUST IN  Check out this one owner 1949 Martin 000-28 in it's original finish. This Guitar has been checked out by B. R. FRET Shop a MARTIN Repair shop in Honolulu. We also have a 71 Martin 000-28
Head Stock with the original tuning pegs
1940 Hawaiian Koa Side Craving couch
1940 Hawaiian Koa Side Cravings for 5 pcs sets
Completely Unique 1940 Hawaiian Koa 5 pcs set with side board carvingsa, Only One owner set. IN EXCELLENT  ORIGINAL CONDITION!!!
1940 Hawaiian Koa Side Craving Chairs
Just In 1940 Hawaiian Koa Side Craving set
1900 Hawaiian Koa diningroom table
1900 Hawaiian Koa diningroom table
1900 Hawaiian Koa diningroom set
1900 Hawaiian Koa Captain chairs
Hawaiian Koa 1900 Dining room table Pedestal leg
1900 Hawaiian Koa diningroom table
 SOLD  - Turn of the Century 50"  diameter Old Growth Hawaiian Koa dining room table set with Koa Pedestal leg. The Dining room set comes with  4 Koa Dining chairs, 2 Koa Captain chairs and  three, 12" Koa Leaf extension. All in Original finishes.
1950's Vintage Hawaiian Koa Vanity
A sample of our collection Hawaiian furniture
We carry a large selection of Hawaiian Koa pieces from different Eras of Hawaiian furniture and Collectibles manufactured here in Hawaii.
1940s/50s 6" arm Hawaiian Koa chair
Large Vintage and Antique Fishing Floats and Ties
Narra Wood and Rattan Desk..jpeg
Polynesian 41" Monkey Pod Pig Platter
Newly Reupholstered 1950's Love Seat

This classic sectional was originally manufactured on Island by C. S. Wo. We took a classic design, and added new modern upholstery to create this beautiful 2 piece sectional.The frames are made from solid mahogany. These hardwood frames have lasted +50 yrs and will last another +50 years. The BRAND NEW upholstery is an updated Tropical design. This set also comes with fitted Slip covers. We have more hardwood frames in stock. Let us put together your classic. 


1902 Stickley Brothers Furniture Company Rocker
JUST SOLD Genuine 1902 Antique Quarter Sawn Red Oak Stickley Brothers Furniture Company Rocker and Chair.  The Start of the 1902 “Quaint Mission style”  line.
Stickley Brothers Furniture Company 1902 Brass Tag
1902 Stickley Brothers Furniture Company Chair
Stickley Brothers Furniture Company Rocker and Chair
Stickley Brothers Furniture Company Rocker and Chair
Hawaiian Curly Koa Queen Rocker
"1890"  -"1900"
A Pair of Hawaiian Curly  Koa Queen Rockers. 1st rocker was made with a one piece Koa board seat and the frame was made with Hawaiian Curly Koa. The 2nd is the older of the  pair and in its original finish.
"1890's" Hawaiian Curly Koa Queen Rocker
"1890's" Hawaiian Koa Queen Rocker
Solid 3" Hawaiian Monkey Pod coffee table.
 1900 Hawaiian Curly Koa Bench
Solid 2" Hawaiian Monkey Pod coffee table.
50's Hawaiian Koa Side Hutch
Starting B/left - 1900 Hawaiian Curly Koa Bench, T/L -Hawaiian Monkey Pod "L" coffee table. M/T  -Hawaiian Monkey Pod coffee table.  R/T -50's Hawaiian Koa Side Hutch. R/B -1890's Hawaiian Koa Entry table.
M/B -70s Hawaiian Koa China Hutch
70s Hawaiian Koa China Hutch
1890's Hawaiian Koa Entry table.

Hawaiian Koa King Rocker


Pictured is an original Hawaiian Koa King Rocker ca, 1920s. We purchased the the Rocker from the a family who bought the rocker from the original owners in 1938. The Rocker was completely disassembled and had none of the  original finish when we  obtained it. We reassembled and applied a new TUNG oil finish and hopefully it will last another 100 years.


African Mahogany Custom Kitchen Portable Island/Table
Custom Kitchen Portable Island/Table
We also make Custom Kitchen tables to fit your specific space for your kitchen. The table on the left is made of Reclaimed Hardrock maple & measures 60" X 38". The table on the right is made of African Mahogany & measures 50" X 36". Both come with a Tung Oil finish.
African Mahogany Custom Kitchen Portable Island/Table
"HO’ONANEA" by Al Futado
"First Fish" by Al Furtado
Some of our Original Oils and Pastels from The Late Great Hawaiian Artist
Al Furtado
"Kieki Dancing" by Al Furtado
The Art of Hula (KUANA) Artist Study
"Lantern Girl" by Al Furtado
Late 1930's Shanghai made Jewerlry Box w/ Jade Inlays


This beautiful 10.5" Rosewood Jewelry Box in original finish & in very good working condition. We also have an 8" Rosewood Jewelry box.


Chronicles the start of the Japanese /American Service during World War II.
442nd Combat Team  1943 Album
See this special album unique to Hawaii. It chronicles the start of the Japanese /American Service during World War II. The Most Decorated American Combat Unit during
World War II
Chronicles the start of the Japanese /American Service during World War II.
 442nd Training in Mississippi
Hawaiian 442nd Welcome to the Army
1900's Hawaiian Koa Captain chairs
Turn of the Century Hawaiian Koa  Captain chair. This Antique chair is part of a set, One of Four.
A Pair of Jade Green Peking Glass


This is a beautiful and in perfect condition Pair of 1880's to 1900's Jade Green Peking Glass with decreative silver mounts with different Filigree Dragons on each side. 

1940s Hawaiian Koa dresser
Just SOLD of the shop. 1940's Hawaiian Koa that has been completely restored with custom Koa  drawet pills
1940s Hawaiian Koa dresser
1940s Hawaiian Koa dresser
completely redone
Mid Century Modern 1960's Custom Ordered Koa Chairs

This rare Hawaiian Koa Mid/Century Modern furniture manufactured here in Hawaii. The Hawaiian Koa chairs were from a set of 4.  The two chairs pictured have been sold. The remaining chairs(2), and 2 end tables 

are being refurbrished now. They will again be beautiful example of the Local furniture manufacturing tradition here in Hawaii.


1950's Hawaiian Koa  Living Room chairs

This is an old set, but can be brought back to it's full beauty

In Work
1800s 24" Hand Painted Chinese Platter
We carry a large variety of Hawaiian Etched Glass. We carry a large variety of Chinese Ceramic weaved lamp
1940 Japanese Memorial Koa bowl set
Vintage Hawaiian Dining table
Check out this Vintage Hawaiian African Mahogany Dining Room table with "Gump"  like Carved Table Leg panels. This table also expands and comes with 6 chairs and  2 leaf. This set was purchased in 1948 from C. S. Wo
Vintage Hawaiian Dining chairs
Vintage Hawaiian Dining table
Vintage Hawaiian Dining room table
1940's Hawaiian Koa chair with 6" wide armrest.
We carry a large collection of Hawaiian, Mid Century, Oriental , & just Unique lamps
1940's Hawaiian Koa chairs and couch. with 6" wide armrest.
Pan Am Clipper Club Glass Tumbler
6 Perfect 
Pan Am 
Clipper Club Highball Glasses from
New York International airport
(aka - JFK  airport)
Pan Am Clipper Club tumblers in perfect condition
Picture of Pan Am Clipper Club at N Y airport

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